China Construction Machinery | 70ton WYS70BL port terminal loading and unloading grabbing machine
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70ton WYS70BL port terminal loading and unloading grabbing machine

WYS70BL “Dual power” hydraulic gripper machine is suitable for material loading and unloading in ports, docks, stockyards and other places, with the following advanced features:

● The main hydraulic original hydraulic system adopts German Rexroth products.

● Decomposable H-type getting off, stable structure, high torsion resistance, making the whole machine work more stable and reliable

● When electricity is used as the power, the operating cost can be reduced by nearly half compared with the diesel engine of  the same power.

● In places without electricity, diesel internal combustion engine can be used for operation, which is convenient for transition.

● “Dual power” gripper is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, low noise, is the best choice to protect the natural environment.


Introduction and description of the hydraulic system of WYS70BL material handling machine:

1. The basic structure of the gripper

The operation process of the grabber is to grab the material by the cutting edge to achieve material breaking, grabbing, lifting and rotating, and unloading, and then return to the second grabbing. The above-mentioned periodic operation requirements require the following components: working device, slewing mechanism, power device, transmission device (hydraulic part), operating device, walking device, etc. Now it is usually divided according to the structure: rotary platform, working device, walking device.

2. The composition of the hydraulic system

2.1 The basic concept of the hydraulic system of the gripper:

The composition of the hydraulic system: power components, control components, actuators, and accessories. Classification by pump type: quantitative system, variable system

2.2 The operation process of the gripper

A working cycle of the gripper includes the following actions: Grab material. (Through the rotary grab, rotary stick and their combined actions, the grab can be broken and loaded.) Full bucket rotation. (After the grab bucket is full of material,  the boom is raised and the platform is rotated to the discharge position at the same time.) Unloading. (The platform brakes after turning into place, the discharge radius is adjusted by the stick, and the grab is turned to  discharge.) Return. (Grab unloading, reversing turntable, coordination of boom and stick,return to grab position.)


This material handling machine greatly meets the operation requirements of port terminals and cargo yard loading and unloading customers, and is especially suitable for the loading and unloading operations of vessels of 3000-5000 tons. So that they have improved their operating efficiency and reduced their operating costs!


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