China Construction Machinery | Excavator in Cosmic Space
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Excavator in Cosmic Space

XCMG excavator
Can work everywhere,
Regardless of Venus, Mercury, Mars
Ceres, Proxima b or Kepler 186f!

Wandering to Venus 40 million kilometers away from the Earth, You can drive the “Mining Warrior” XCMG XE245DK excavator to repair bridges, pave roads, dig pits and fill in soil and to watch the sun rise and sun set in a reverse direction . The beautiful life on Venus is about to begin!

Wandering to Mercury more than 200 million kilometers from the earth, with poor ecosystem, uneven heating and cooling? Don’t be afraid, XCMG “Town Elves” XE35U can plant trees and dig ditches……Beautifying the environment and benefiting mankind are nothing difficult!

Wondering to Mars 400 million kilometers from the earth, and saying hello to Martian, you can drive XE370DK to cut into a mountain, mine coal and sand in the Olympus Mountains to make a fortune and become the richest man in the Mars!

When you wonder to Proxima b 4.2 light years to Earth, with the help of “Efficient Iron Man” XE270DK, the city blocks and skyscrapers are constructed rapidly, and the mega cities which are comparable to Shanghai and New York make you feel like returning to the earth. The intelligent beings also envy you.

Wandering to Kepler 186f 492 light years to Earth, where it is considered that the intelligent life is most likely to exist, you can set up a XCMG excavator rental company, which will also be appreciated by intelligent beings on the planet due to excellent performance of XCMG equipment. Benefiting intelligent beings in the Kepler is our duty-bound responsibility!

Regardless of the solar system, the Milky Way,
2500 year or 25000 year
In the days of wandering
As long as there is love and hope and XCMG excavator
Everywhere can be home!

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    Spot on with this write-up, I truly suppose this website wants much more consideration. I’ll most likely be again to learn rather more, thanks for that info.

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